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    WORRY-FREE Data Backup, That comes with

       Personal Attention, At a LOW COST !


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Safe and Secure Backups

Over your Internet connection.

  1. Everyone does backups right ?  What happens if your computer is stolen or your area is hit with a storm and you lose your computer files / memories.  We offer you a peace of mind that your data is protected on our Secure servers in the FingerLakes.
  2. The files being sent to www.FingerLakesWebBackup.com are up to 256AES encrypted.  Highest form of security available, US government uses this type of encryption internally.  This means no one can decipher your files except you.  Not even us !  So do not lose or forget your Secret password / Phrase !
  3. Set it once and off site backups happen as many times as you want them to happen.  Your billed for the amount of space used on our servers.  NOT the connection time or frequency.
  4. FAST BACKUPS !  Once the selected files for backup get to our secure Servers, the program will update only what has changed "inside the file" ... not the whole file.  This means to you nearly 98% compression ratio on all files being exchanged.
  5. Your Backup files will be "VERSIONED"  This gives you the option to restore back 30 different versions of the backup information. Just pick the date you want to restore to with the new Time Slider function.
  6. Protect your Data !  from miss-behaving employees, hardware failures, site damage to your files, theft, Laptop Drops, Viruses or Natural disasters. 
  7. EASE of USE:  SET IT and FORGET IT !
  8. SQL & Exchange data file backup.   Able to backup SQL & Exchange database files and open user files without shutting down the services!
  9. Outlook PST files.  It is very hard to get a good backup of Outlooks emails, all your contacts, calendars and information in the .PST file.  Brinks software can.
  10. NEW !  Web Based Restore..  Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to restore your data via the internet.  Out on the Road and forget a file, log into our servers and gain access to your files Fast.
  11. AND best of all,  You only need our software to be HIPAA compliant.  With our encryption of your software, set by you with your secret key (pass phrase) We can't unencrypted your data making us a one stop for HIPAA compliance.


Don't lose your memories. Or your important files  Back it up today !

Mapped Drives Supported, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and

All Open Files supported for automatic backup 24 / 7

   Complimentary 15 day TRIAL,  set it and forget it !


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HIPAA Approved !

One stop for Compliance.

You only need to encrypt your data once with us to be HIPAA compliant.

Other service providers make you encrypt your data before you send it off site.

One time for us. 

We will personally install your web backup in your office and guide you in setting up your encryption key.  In addition, we will monitor your offsite data backups on a daily basis

All For One Low Cost ! 

Call Today.. 585-905-2502

ALL computers Fail, so start protecting yours today !




Architronics is our Sister company that builds and supports, Servers, Desktops, Gaming computers and networks.  We provide Technical Service contracts to lower costs to end-users while giving them 24 hr remote support.  All computers include power conditioning units, setup and great warranties.  Check us out.