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 Don't lose your memories, Or your important files.

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Support for Brinks Client Backup

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1)     Q Why would we want to go with your company to protect our data ?.         A.,  Simply put we think we are better, or just as good as other named companies and we are less expensive / Gb of data stored.  We now can manage your backup data via our new Central Management Software, so we can actively manage your backup jobs.  We have less employees which translates to better overall security.  We are HIPAA approved.  Our Server Farm utilizes state of the art hardware techniques that ensure fault tolerances to our clients encrypted data that we store.  This data is then duplicated two more times on site and once off site for redundancy thru our 10GB network back bone. 

2)     Q.,  How do I access my data to restore a file. ?     A.,   There are a couple of ways to access your data.  If you want to restore a file from the machine that has the backup software running, go to the "restore" tab and choose your file and click restore.  If you want to access your data from a separate computer, you can go to our site and log into the "WBR - Web Base Restore"  feature.  The other option is to re-install the client software shown to the right and then restore your files using the restore tab.

3)     Q.,  My amount of data that is being stored on your servers seems to be getting bigger but I do not add that many new files ?     A.,   Using your backup client you can view and delete files off of our servers using the "delete" tab to reduce and manage files that you do not need to protect, Or there is a setting in the advanced part of the device tab.  "Send deleted file lists to the backup Server", turn this function to "on".  If you delete a file, the file will then be deleted from our servers in 30 days.  By default we keep 30 days of file revisions so you have the option of restoring that same file 30 different ways.  This feature is used for accidental "Saves" that crush the original file when you want a "Save As",  Virus or file corruptions or if you just want to restore the data of your file to a previous time.  You have the option to customizable this feature from 14 to 180 days.  Call for more information to have this setting changed on our servers.

4)     Q.,  My backup doesn't seem to finish.   A.,  There are a number of reasons this may be occurring.  Your computer maybe going to sleep or going into hibernation mode.  Consider turning off or extending the hibernation mode to 120 min.  Do not turn off your computer or if you are using a Laptop, do NOT close the lid.


Don't lose your memories. Or your important files  Back it up today !

Mapped Drives Supported, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and

All Open Files supported for automatic backup 24 / 7

   Complimentary 15 day TRIAL,  set it and forget it !


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Use this client and sign up for a new service 90% will use this client.

Includes our New Management software.   128bit AES.    Download


Use this client for HIPAA and new services needing encryption @ 256bit AES.

Includes our New Management software.  Download






















I never thought about it, back up anything on my computer ( who really does ) until it was brought to my attention WHAT IF your computer Crashes ??? OMG I have to say I'm so happy that I did, my computer crashed and all I could think about is my pictures that were on it.  Years of pictures.  I was able to retrieve all of them.  I was quite amazed.  Trust me when I tell you, you will not be unsatisfied with Finger Lakes Web Backup.


Kelly, Adams Mark Hotel, Buffalo



     Protect your data


What would be the cost to you if your data was gone ?  Surveys say 19 days and over $17,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes of data. We can help you.   Starting at less than what you spend on coffee a DAY !   Our Remote backup service can keep your data safe.






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