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    WORRY-FREE Data Backup, That comes with

         Personal Attention, At a LOW COST !


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Start the 15 Day

Complimentary Trial.

  1. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step to secure your data, digital media, pictures and databases.
  2. You will need to provide us with a valid email and mailing address.  We will not sell or give your information away.  We will use this information though to bill you after your initial 15 Day Complimentary Trial is up.  If you would like to cancel, then just send us an email with " Cancel Subscription " as the subject and your contact info.
  3. PICK YOUR CLIENT TO THE RIGHT:  Most people will be fine with the Red 128bit AES encryption choice.  If you want the highest form of encryption choose the GOLD Option @ 256bit AES client.   The Blue choice is for current Brinks customers wanting to upgrade their client to the newest product build.
  4. Download and install the client of your choice.
  5. Pick the 15 Day Trial option and provide your information.  You can choose to place a CC. on file with us or use the Pay Later Option.  Please note: You need to respond to our email to continue to use the Free Trial.
  6. If you want to provide your own " Secret Key / Phrase "  To secure your data for HIPAA compliance or for more security, Open the Brinks Software if it is not open already, Go to Device tab, select the xSP device and click Properties in lower right of screen, Go to Security tab, then Specify your own Secret Key.  
  7. Please Note:  We do not have access to this "Secret Key", if you lose or forget it, You will not be able to restore your data.
  8. Give yourself a Hint to your Secret Key.  You should not use the actual key but reference it in a way that you will know what it is.  For example if the Key actually is "protectmydata1234"..  You may want to use a hint as "potectmydataXXXX".  You can change your secret key at anytime, just following option 6 above.
  9. Start Backing up your Data.  Go to Backup Tab and chose your files or go to the Home tab and use the Backup Wizard.  Remember to click the save icon at the top of the screen to save your backup configuration.
  10. Your computer has to be ON.  Remember to turn your hibernation function off and increase your computers sleep time from 20 Min to say 60 min.
  11. If you need help or have any questions, Please call us during business hours.  or with email.  Thank You.


Don't lose your memories. Or your important files  Back it up today !

Mapped Drives Supported, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and

All Open Files supported for automatic backup 24 / 7

   Complimentary 15 day TRIAL,  set it and forget it !


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SSL Certificates




Use this client and sign up for a new service 90% will use this client.

Includes our New Management software.   128bit AES.    Download


Use this client for HIPAA and new services needing encryption @ 256bit AES.

Includes our New Management software.  Download
























I recently spent over 1,500 dollars to have my data extracted from my dead laptop drive to get back my Outlook client contact list.  Thank you for installing your software on my machine.  I won't every have to worry about that fiasco again.    TIM, BUFFALO, NY.






    FLWB can Protect your DATA

What would be the cost to you if your data was gone ?  Surveys say 19 days and over $17,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes of data.   We can help you.   Starting at less than what you spend on coffee a DAY !   Our Remote backup service can keep your data safe.